Zapflow x AON x Mazhr - Webinar: Human Capital - The Greatest Asset in Due Diligence Process


How to effectively assess the human capital and its potential for value creation?


In modern work life human capital is THE capital you have in your balance sheet. At the same time, it tends to be the hardest one to evaluate objectively. How could we measure human capital and its potential in your value creation process? How to avoid biased thinking and human error in the due diligence stage? How to utilize work psychology assessments dynamically as a part of value creation process stages? How to build the best possible team for each stage, based on science and data?


On April 5, 2023, we hosted a webinar in collaboration with AON Assessment and Mazhr to find out more about human capital as an asset in due diligence. For those that could not join us: click here to see the recording.


About our speakers

Teemu Jäntti – CEO, Mazhr

Teemu Jäntti is the CEO of Mazhr. Mazhr is on a mission to help organizations with better utilization of HR analytics and insights to drive better business results. How should you balance between the contradicting requirements of productivity and well-being of modern business life? How should the team develop during the value creation process? Mazhr SaaS-platform supports organizations and teams on how to optimize teams to improve productivity, performance, and well-being. In the core of our platform we utilize AON powered work-psychology assessments and thus provide organizations with objective and reliable data. In addition to working with startups Teemu also has experience from several leadership roles and M&A transactions from DD to integration in several industries.

Connect with Teemu on LinkedIn here.


Aki Puolakka – I/O Psychologist & Consultant

Aki works as an I/O Psychologist & Consultant at Aon Human Capital Solutions. He has conducted numerous assessments of leaders, managers and experts of various industries. In addition, his particular areas of expertise are training and consulting in the use psychological assessment tools for organizational development and recruitment.

Connect with Aki on LinkedIn here.


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